The Nieuport Gear Legs and Brakes Page

Yes low and slow fans... here ya go. The up close and personal look at the Dawn Patrols revised lower gear legs and brakes detail page that you've all been asking (nay... nagging me)  for. The plates that are on the sides of the gear legs are .040 2024-T3 AL. The PVC "rub rail" is just hardware store thick wall PVC.

(Click on the thumbnails to view a larger images)

brakes.JPG (43388 bytes) brakes-a.JPG (44716 bytes) brakes-b.JPG (45394 bytes) brakes-c.JPG (49395 bytes)
brakes-d.JPG (42822 bytes) brakes-e.JPG (60074 bytes) Ok... just about the only thing NOT shown is the piece of PVC that serves as a "rub rail" between the front and rear of the landing gear slot. The front and rear of the slot are pieces of Oval Tubing that has been split length-wise.  The PVC is slipped over the axle and fits between the vertical bolts that serves as the bungee stops.

Ok... Ok... I've already had complaints about this page. I'll put in photos of the brake handle and the stick the next time I go to Liberty Landing International Airport and take some photos......
Jeeze you guys are picky!!!