Dick Hartzler's Spun Aluminum Cowlings

Suitable for replica Fokker, Sopwith, Thomas Morse, Avro, Nieuport, Caudron, Curtiss and many other WWI, post WWI and Classic Age aircraft that used Radial or Rotary engines.. 

If you're looking for a cowling for a replica fighter that used a rotary or radial engine, you might want to check out Dick Hartzler's redesigned LARGER DIAMETER cowlings he's just finished tooling up. 

Marvin Story liked it so much he's replacing the cowling on his Siemens-Schukert with it. With its new larger 34" diameter, it's big enough for some of the larger Continental and Lycoming engines to rattle around in. Two different "curves" are available; 4" and 8". The "flatter" (4") for Fokker, Caudron and early Nieuport types and the more curved (8") for later Sopwith, Curtiss and Nieuport types. 

Here's some thumbnails of the one Marvin's working on. It's got the larger 8" radius curve. The metal mics out at .035.

(click on an image for a larger picture)

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