Gettin In the Nieuport

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Common Mistakes and Pitfalls to Avoid.

Ok.. Now that you've seen the RIGHT way to get in your Canvas Bird of Prey, Tom Glaeser, at great personal peril is going to demonstrate below, via a sequential series of photos,  what can happen if you leave just ONE step out of the correct mounting of a Nieuport

Being in a hurry can result in an
embarrassing series of mis-steps.

Trying to look "cool" and not admit you're making a mistake can only exacerbate the situation.

Saying you lost something in the cockpit can work once or twice.

Turning the wrong way can also lead
to an awkward situation.

Saying you're trying to see behind the instrument panel will be believed ONCE.

Saying it's your lounge chair for Air Shows might work.

Then again.. Maybe not.

Getting off the "lounge chair" can be awkward.

We call this method the "cocker spaniel in love"
approach to getting in.

Just think of the time you were talking with your date's father and their dog fell in love with you.

Here is another awkward time.
We fervently hope these examples of how NOT to get in your tattered bird of prey have been helpful and educational for you.

Now.. last but not least.. the one type of Nieuport Mounting method to not even try.

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