Now, Here By Popular Request 
( read that... irate demands )

Below you can download some Dawn Patrol kick-ass, high-resolution desktop screen-saver images.
Click on the thumbnail to get the high resolution image. Then, when you get it, RIGHT CLICK on the image and save it to your hard drive. 

The first 5 shots are of Dick Lemons one day out at beautiful Liberty Landing International Air Port when he was showing off... ( which is all the damn time!! ) making some high-speed ( Ho Hum.. Yawn.. Is he here yet?...) passes down the runway. The images with the brown backgrounds were winners of the AVWEB Photos Of The Week. The second one is Mark Pierce making a sharp pull-up while making a high-speed ( Another Big Yawner ), low-level smoke pass with his Marvin Story smoke system pumping it's little guts out. The rest of them are shots taken over the years we've been flying these little jewels. Mark's doing the low passes down the runway. The names of some of the images will give you information too. Some are scanned from photos taken before digital cameras made their (affordable) appearance.

WARNING!! Some of these are really big mommas. The sizes range from 174K to 1.6 meg.

328333 bytes

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lemons-3.jpg (387550 bytes)
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lemons-4.jpg (267938 bytes)
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lemons-5.jpg (256933 bytes)
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lemons-6.jpg (517726 bytes)
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dick and dick.jpg (313516 bytes)
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Dicks Banking.jpg (468621 bytes)
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dicks over river2.jpg (174811 bytes)
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dicks over sibley.jpg (960491 bytes)
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dick S in close.jpg (345734 bytes)
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lemons6.JPG (358246 bytes)
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Markp1.jpg (277718 bytes)
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Markp2.jpg (457988 bytes)
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Markp3.jpg (365366 bytes)
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T-Birds1.jpg (708583 bytes)
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T-Birds2.jpg (714788 bytes)
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Tom over river.jpg (1628034 bytes)
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lanny_turner-9.jpg (467733 bytes)
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tom-and-mark.jpg (178932 bytes)
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lemons-over-field-hi.jpg (946274 bytes)
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lemons-low-pass.jpg (394883 bytes)
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lemons-starks-low-pass.jpg (216876 bytes)
217 Kbytes
All of the digital images were taken with an OLYMPUS D490Z digital camera on "HQ" setting in the "sequential mode." Then I used the "instant fix" feature that comes with the Olympus software that came with the camera. The scanned images were taken with a variety of 35mm film cameras.