The Drawings and explanation below were supplied by Dick Lemons of the Kansas City Dawn Patrol.

Drill a 1" hole (lengthwise) through the lower wing spar wood plug. Be careful to stay in the center of the plug and not hit the inside wall of the spar with the bit. Cut two pieces of 1" aluminum tubing 8" long, and drill a cross-hole near one end of each for the carry-thru wing attach bolt.

The lower wings just slide onto the 1" tubing. The TE brackets will attach to the lower fuse longerons setting the incidence, and the tension of the landing/flying wires holds the lower wings in place against the fuse.

When you get your incidence figured out, if the trailing edge of the wing is above the lower longeron, make a trailing edge attach bracket for each lower wing, and use them attach the TE to the lower longeron with an AN3 bolt or rivet.

If the trailing edge turns out to be below the longeron, you might do as Mark and I did. We have a 3/8" tube riveted inside the TE that slips into an adel clamp attached to the bottom of the fuse longeron. (See drawing.) This set up is nice because when we take the wings off we simply unbolt the wing from the bottom of the V-strut and the wing slides off.