resized_maura-043.jpg (109409 bytes)Lt. Col Maura George
Honorary Member Of The Dawn Patrol
Former Eighth Grade Math Student of Dick Starks
Park Hill Middle School, 1988

Lt Col Maura George is a C-130 pilot and Chief of Wing Operations Plans, 302d Airlift Wing, Peterson AFB, CO. She spent over 7 years serving as a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot in the Army including a combat tour as a MEDEVAC pilot in Iraq flying wounded off the battlefield. In 2004, Lt Col George left the Army to fly C-130s in the Air Force Reserve flying around the world in support of Operations IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM as well as stateside MEDEVAC missions, the Army’s Basic Airborne Course and numerous joint-forces airdrop training missions. Maura is a 1992 graduate of Park Hill High School in Kansas City. She is also a former eighth grade math student (Straght "As" too I might add) of Dick Starks).

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Seventh Grade, Park Hill Middle School
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Low level yankin' and bankin' somewhere.
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My first flight into Iraq.  We flew a bunch of
high ranking doctors and medical officers to a CSH (Combat Support Hospital… pronounced CASH) just south of Baghdad.  My crew and I were walking through the small compound looking for water and MREs when I heard
someone calling my name.  Small world! It turned out to be someone I knew from college & flight school.  We sent that picture to the University of North Dakota Alumna magazine.
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Me standing next to the Blackhawk with a door removed and the next one where I’m sitting
in the helicopter was a day we got approved to fly with doors off  (because it was so crazy HOT).  We didn’t end up flying thatday.  Our mission got canceled.
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Waiting while a group burned poo.  Really!  
It was supposed to be a morale booster to have the officers burn poo instead of the enlisted.  The Warrant Officers has so much fun playing with fuel and making the flames as large aspossible that I actually never got a chance to stir the poo pot (honey bucket).  Darn. 
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Last leg heading home from Afghanastan. I'm  ready to see the family BIG TIME!
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After flying ALL night and into the mid-morning. Iraq 2006.
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Me holding all the bags was after my last Blackhawk flight EVER. I left Iraq shortly after that to interview with my AF unit.
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Welcome home MOM!!!! 2013
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My crew from 2006.