The Dawn Patrol's Take-Apart Top Wings

We've had a lot of interest in how we take our top wings apart so they will fit into the trailer boxes. The photos below will show you how easy it really is. By replacing all sheet metal screws that hold on the top/bottom aluminum sheeting at the center of the top wing with camlocs, we have really cut down the time to assemble/disassemble the planes. Sharon and I, working by ourselves had mine from road-ready to air-ready at Columbia in an hour and a half. From air-ready to road ready in an hour and 12 minutes. AND WE'RE GETTING BETTER AND BETTER EACH TIME.
I cut these photos down in size and resolution so it shouldn't take as long to load as the trailer's page.
TopWing1.jpg (5330 bytes) This photo and the one below show you how we made the "sandwich" on the rear cabane that captures the rear spar. The two upright parts have a 10 degree bend in them to match the 5 degree sweep in the wings.
Here's another view of the sandwich with the AN-3 bolts that got through the rear spar and hold it in place. The stick on rear view mirror is shown too. The black wires are the CB and aircraft radio antennas. TopWing2.jpg (6457 bytes)
TopWing3.jpg (13023 bytes) This is a shot of the front spar and its method of attachment. The AN-3 bolts run vertically down through a 4130 spud that joins the two spars together. They were welded at a 10 degree angle to match the sweep of the wings. Mark and Dick welded their's at a 14 degree angle since their wings are swept at 7 degrees. The spud goes about 4 inches into each spar.
This show shows the way the criss-cross cables and set up for quick disconnect. The turnbuckles never have to be un-safetied. I took a pair of water-pump pliers, welded some little jaws on them that clamp the end of the turnbuckle and the cable thimble between them and it's easy to take apart a pretty tight turnbuckle/cable/shackle assembly. You can see the 4 camloc receptacles that replaced all the sheet metal screws. TopWing4.jpg (13152 bytes)

TopWing4.jpg (13152 bytes)

This shows the top and bottom of the sandwich on the rear spar. The AN-3 bolts run vertically through the spars and the 1/8 inch plates capture the spar nicely. Works great!
This is a broader view of the main wing with the top and bottom   sheeting removed. Sharon Starks is taking apart the sandwich on the rear spar. TopWing6.jpg (6772 bytes)