Here They Are!!!
The Young, Handsome, Lean, Mean, Firm-Jawed, Tough-as-nails, Slim-Hipped, Curly-Haired, Thin-Lipped, Clean Talking, Flat-Bellied, Hairy-Chested, Biceps-Bulging, Steely-Eyed, Sinewy-Muscled, Tight-Bunned, Lean-Shanked, Milk-Drinking, Apple-Pie-Eating, Chevrolet (and a few Fords) Driving, Clean-Talking, Red-Blooded, Pure-Thought-Filled, Hunk-A-Doodle-Doo, All-American Studmuffins (and Studmuffinettes)
and Heroic Knights Of The Air of

The Kansas City Dawn Patrol...

Tom Glaeser
Technical Specialist
Chain Saw starter guru
Black Belt Gooser
El Supremo Machinist
Our "Go Too" VW man
( Got him on a bad hair day. ).

Tom passed away January 6, 2015
Words cannot express how much
he's going to be missed.

DickieLee.jpg (5350 bytes)
Dick Lemons
El Supremo Machinist 
Fokker DR-1 builder/driver
Fokker E-III builder/driver too
Nieuport builder/driver TOO!!!
another trailer weenie
dick-lemons-LST.jpg (32994 bytes)

Vietnam Vet TOO!!

Mark Pierce
Covering Guru
Chief Painter
Head Computer Nerd
Air Show Live Wire
Nieuport builder/driver TOO!!!
Shop Bully

Sharon Starks
Token Female pilot
Morane Parasol bulder/pilot
Airport Cook
Designated Bump Dummy
Airport Go-Fer
trailer weenie
House Of Pain Veteran

Marvin Berk
Studmuffin SPAD XIII driver
Our newest trailer weenie.

Ken Hines Airdrome Airplanes full scale Nieuport 28.

Another trailer weenie and
House Of Pain Veteran

Marvin Story
Token Enemy
Also Master Welder
Tubing notcher guru too.
Another trailer weenie.
And other interests.....

Robert Baslee
Studmuffin Designer
Airdrome Aeroplanes Owner
Crash Repair Expert
"You want it?" - "He'll Build it"
Beware The House Of Pain!!

Charlie Radford
Carl Melin

Highly modified Airdrome Airplanes Fokker E-III with it's new wing. The wing span was increased by 5 feet and the wing chord increased by 8 inches.
Another Trailer Weenie.

Jeff Givens 
Jeff has a Baslee Nieuport 11.
Another trailer weenie
House Of Pain Veteran
He also, as you can see, is the
owner of the 
Given's Ditch Cleaning Service!!

Dick Starks
Chief  Scribe
Shop Foonge
Wannabe Computer Nerd
trailer weenie
House Of Pain Veteran

Harvey Cleveland
"HollyWood Harvey"
Movie Star
Studmuffin test pilot
Young Pup of the airport
Potential Trailer Weenie
Aircraft weight fanatic

Rick Bennett
Ohio Wing of The Dawn Patrol
Graham Lee Nieuport 23 builder
master welder/builder/do-all
House Of Pain Veteran
Also a trailer weenie


Glenn Huff
Wise Elder Statesman
Welding Whiz
English Wheel Metal Guru 
2014_Nieuport28_Gary_3.jpg (63048 bytes)
Gary Knight
Airdrome Airplanes N-28
Another Trailer Weenie
Ex U.S. Army Armor
House Of Pain Veteran
gary-knight-tank-400.jpg (57412 bytes)

This was a LOT heavier than his
john-oconnor-tn-011.jpg (12473 bytes)
John  O'Connor
WWII Navy Vet.
Fix anything kinda guy.
Designated crash truck driver. John passed away October, 2017. He will be missed!
For more, Click HERE

Ron Werner
Ex DC-3 Jockey
Nother token enemy
Full-scale Fokker E-IV Driver
We are sorry to tell you that Ron 
Passed away after a lengthy illness.
He will be missed.
Butch Witlock
Token Enemy
Fokker D-7 Guru.
Also Master builder
House Of Pain Veteran
Trailer Weenie
Click HERE for a much 
better photos.
We regret to inform you that Butch passed away Sunday, September 9, 2018. He will be greatly missed!

"Sabre" Ron Sharek
Head Ground Crew Chief
Former "HUN" driver
Call Sign: FLACO
233 missions in Nam
Flying the F-100 Super Saber
Also Sharon's cousin!!

Maj. (ret) Joe Ayers
WWII Veteran and Berlin Airlift 
Veteran. 650 Hours flying the 
"Hump" in WWII and 180 missions
Flying the Berlin Airlift

Click Here for more.
We are sorry to report that Joe passed
away in September, 2014.

maura-047-200.jpg (30758 bytes)
Lt. Col Maura George
U.S. Army / U.S.A.F.
Veteran of Dick Stark's 1988 8th
Grade Math Class.
1992 Graduate of Park Hill
High School.
In the army flying BlackHawk
Helicopters she flew combat
MEDEVAC missions in Iraq.

In the air force she's a C-130
Pilot flying out of Peterson
AFB in Colorado.
Click Here for more.

Pat Young
For her service to the country,
 Pat was presented the 
Congressional Gold Medal 
by a grateful nation. 
Click Here for more.
Col. Bob Leeker,
USAF (ret)

mcgee-1-200.jpg (25844 bytes)
Colonel Robert Leeker, USAF Ret, Wing Commander , 131st Bomb Wing, Whiteman AFB, Missouri. His final flight upon retirement was as a pilot in a B-2 Stealth bomber.

Click Here for more about Col. Leeker.

Col. Charles McGee,
USAF (ret)
Former Tuskegee Airman.
mcgee-1-200.jpg (25844 bytes)
During his 30 years of active duty
he flew fighter aircraft combat tours in
three major wars:  WWII, Korean
War and the Vietnam War in P-39's,
P-47's, P-51's, F-51's and RF-4C's.
Click Here for more

Lt. Col. Steven Schnell
USAF Reserve
The last C-141 pilot.
resized_safety-steve-04.jpg (12363 bytes)
"Safety Steve" was a C-17 Command
Pilot. He is also the last Air Force
pilot to fly the last C-141 Starlifter into retirement.
We go back a long way with "Safety
(Which I'm very sure, He Regrets.)
He's one very special guy!!
He's now flying for American Airlines.
Click Here for more

Group Captain
Willy Hackett RAF
willy- (12)-250.jpg (58529 bytes)

Willy Received his MBE from Queen Elizabeth in 1999.

Click Here for more about Willy.

Basic information about The Dawn Patrol
  • What are we... Only a bunch of middle-aged men and their lovely wives having the time of their lives living the life of Walter Mitty in their little replica warbirds.

  • Rules.... We have none.(We tried some but nobody would follow them.)

  • Dues..... We have none.( Nobody would pay up.)

  • Meetings.... We have none... (Well... Actually... Anytime more than one of us is in the hangar, it's considered a quorum. All the rest have to go along with the decisions arrived at at such meetings.)