Tom Glaeser's "plug-in-and-go lower wing mounting system.

Tom developed this lower wing mounting system to save us a poop-load of time and make it super-easy to mount and unmount your lower wings. We've all gone to this sytem and have been using it since 2003 with no problems. We've looked at all scenarios and decided that anything that could happen to cause a failure would pretty much already be a disastrophe in the making. You make the call.

The root end of the lower wing spar has two slots in it that capture the spar attach bolt and hold it exactly where it has to go. The landing wires hold it in place. Both landing wires would have to fail for the wing to back off far enough to come off the spud. And, the only way we figure that could happen is if the flying wires failed due to the upper wing folding. In either case, the spud coming out to the spar would be the least of your worries.
All the images below are thumbnails. Just click on the thumbnail for a larger image. All images are "about" 40K in size.

dlee-wing-mount-1.JPG (41887 bytes)
Line up the tube with the hole in the end of the wood/nylon block in the wing spar.
dlee-wing-mount-2.JPG (38100 bytes)
Start sliding the tube into the spar.
dlee-wing-mount-3.JPG (41759 bytes)
Continue on in.
dlee-wing-mount-4.JPG (38924 bytes)
Slide the tube almost all the way into the spar.
dlee-wing-mount-6.JPG (40299 bytes)
Make sure you don't poke any holes in the side of the fuselage with the trailing edge bracket.
dlee-wing-mount-5.JPG (41955 bytes)
Be sure the slot cut into the spar captures the bolt in the mounting flanges and is seated firmly. You'll know it if it isn't. You won't be able to attach the landing and flying wires.
dlee-wing-mount-7.JPG (40819 bytes)
Note the piece of foam on the floor to protect the wing tip.
For some really good drawings of this system by Dick Lemons, Please Click HERE