Winter is over and Summer is here.  Looking forward to Oshkosh 2024.

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Kansas City Dawn Patrol Videos

exclusively available from the official Graham Lee Nieuports site
Over 9 hours of content including: Construction, Flying, Modifications, Airshow footage, Floods, Invasion of the Toads, and MORE!

Dick Starks books now available on Amazon

You Want to Build and Fly a WHAT?
Or ... How I Learned to Fly, Built a WWI Replica, and Stayed Married

Paperback - March 31, 2006

Fokkers At Six O'clock!!
The continuing adventures and misadventures of the Kansas City Dawn Patrol and their replica World War One fighters
Kindle Edition - October 2008

If you are thinking about building your own WWI flying replica but just can't make up your mind... DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK Remember, I warned you NOT to click on the link!!!

You too can become an honored member of The Few, The Shameless... 
"The Trailer Weenies."

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